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Pressed plants

Step one: find fresh shed leaves, flowers, petals etc Or harvest fresh from the plant ( though do not take too much, be kind in your harvest)

Step two: allow them to dry a bit if they are damp or covered in dew

Step three: find a thick heavy book, open to the center…. place paper towels on either page and lay out your foliage on one side.

Step 4: close the book, make sure there is enough weight to firmly press your foliage down…. and allow to sit and dry for a few months

After a few months, they will be preserved with most color still in tact and ready for use.

Perfect for card making, decoupage, mixed media, resin, framing…..

a simple way to keep summer plants all year round <3  



Some pictures of Casey of Wolftea Creations, during the Thirst for Light Festival. She weaves crowns of ferns and sits like a cat.

so much derp face